Partner in C & A Traffic Solutions (February 1996 to present)

Director in C & A Traffic Solutions Ltd (April 2001 to 2012)

(Consultant to the following Authorities and Companies)


Transport for London -  Road Safety Auditing of the Olympic Route Network.  Road Safety Audits.  Collision analysis.

Mott MacDonald  -  Road Safety Audit work.

TMS Consultancy  -  Road Safety Audit work. 

W. S. Atkins, Consultants, Taunton  -  Traffic Signal design.  Project Manager for Development Control advice and supervision.  Road Safety Audit work.  Local Safety Schemes.

WSP Group -  Road Safety Audits on Trunk Roads and Motorways in London, Dorset, Worcestershire and the Midlands.

David A Graham & Associates, Consulting Engineers  -  Road Safety Audits on Trunk Roads and Motorways throughout the UK & Ireland.

Cornwall County Council  -  Local Safety Schemes - Investigation of accident sites, analysis and design of remedial measures, preparation of Bill of Quantities and contract documents; Road Safety Audits including Trunk Roads, Traffic signal design, junction design, Sign design, Traffic Calming Schemes, TRO’s, Accident Trend Analysis; Analysis of Safer Routes to Schools.

Cheltenham Borough Council  -  Junction appraisal using PICADY, ARCADY TRANSYT and OSCADY; traffic signal design; accident studies and Local Safety Schemes; area traffic management schemes; traffic calming; Residents’ Parking; Bus Priority.

Gloucester City Council  -  Project leader for Pedestrian Priority; drafted Traffic Orders; prepared and presented traffic engineering/transportation evidence to a Public Inquiry; negotiated with objectors; co-ordinated other consultants and programmed works; consulted with bus operators.  Scheme costProduced a car parking strategy for a City centre leisure centre as part of a submission for Lottery funding.

Bristol City Council -  Road Safety Audits, including training of staff.

Bath and North East Somerset Council Road Safety Audit; Traffic Impact Assessment; Traffic Calming; town centre traffic management strategy and Residents Parking.

MW Traffic Ltd  -  Local Safety Schemes.  Investigation of accident sites, analysis and design of remedial measures and preparation of Contract Documents

Russell Construction Limited, Clevedon, Bristol  -  Road Safety Audit work

DJP Construction, Bristol  -  Road Safety Audit work in Bristol and Swindon

Kingsley Chartered Surveyors, Banbury  -  Road Safety Audit in Bristol

Bayliss Design, Lichfield  -  Road Safety Audit work in Bristol

Architecton Consultants, Bristol  -  Road Safety Audit work in Bristol

Reading Buses  -  Road Safety Audit / Risk Assessment of Reading Town Centre

Wimpey Homes, SouthWest  -  Road Safety Audit work in Bristol.


UNSPONSORED WORK  -  While living in Spain for 3½ years I studied Highway Law, accidents, the 'Catalogo de señales de circulacion' (Traffic Sign and Carriageway Marking Regulations), and attempted to translate the Spanish Highway Code into English!


GLOUCESTER CITY COUNCIL (Senior Engineer and Team Leader) (Mar '88 to Feb '96)

Feasibility studies and accident remedial schemes.  Arranged Safety Audits.  Preliminary Safety Audits.  Representative on the County's Road Safety Group and the District Road Safety Group. 

        Developed a corporate Road Safety Plan.

Drafted temporary and permanent Traffic Regulation Orders; Gave technical approval to developers, and determined planning applications.  Wrote and presented committee reports.

Project leader for Pedestrian Priority schemes in the City Centre.  Traffic signal design using LINSIG; preparing tenders.  Bus priority measures.  Designed / prepared specifications for Variable Message Signs.

Installation and maintenance of traffic signals.  Prepared and supervised investigations.  Design and execution of transportation planning and traffic management schemes.  Residents’ parking schemes.      Co-ordinating engineer for major roadworks in the City and approved traffic arrangements for roadworks.  Major public consultation exercises, including production of information leaflets and chairing public meetings.  Managed the team budget and staff time allocation and training and determined work programmes and priorities.


HEREFORD and WORCESTER C. C.  (May '83 to Mar '88)


Designed and detailed contra-flow and narrow lane traffic management layouts and diversion routes on three M5 widening projects.  Designed signs and post foundations, including gantries.  Assessed the capacities and safety of diversion routes, using TRANSYT, ARCADY and PICADY.  Produced contract documents, phased works, with particular emphasis on safety.  Detailed traffic management requirements for maintenance works.


Investigated accident cluster sites and accident causation, and prepared reports and designed remedial measures.  Collected STATS19 information from the police and transferred data to computer.  Produced the annual cluster site list and prioritised the accident study programme.  Developed a PC system for recording and analysing accidents.  


Manual and automatic traffic data collection.  Prepared traffic management schemes, contract documents, bill of quantities, and public consultations.  Designed and supervised the installation of traffic signals.  Introduced an overnight goods vehicle parking ban and goods vehicle width restrictions.  Undertook skid tests for the Metropolitan Police.  Produced accident reports and appraisals.  Undertook Highway inspections.


Studied traffic delays and accidents at roadworks.  Team co-ordinator in charge of data collection and supervision of detailed roadwork studies on motorways to determine merging patterns; journey times; delays; capacity and saturation; studied the effects of accidents and breakdowns on traffic patterns; assessed diversion routes.

 Involved with the introduction of contra-flow and narrow lanes onto British motorways and assessed their effectiveness and safety.  Studied temporary traffic signals.  Analysed data using computer models.  Validation, and safety appraisal of new innovative technical apparatus on motorways. Assessed statutory authority’s compliance to Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual.   

Assisted in early studies of mini roundabouts, determining flow/delay relationships and capacities.